Fitness First Case Study

Fitness First is a global leader in a highly competitive sector where IT disruptions can have a significant impact on customer experience. Legacy technology made it extremely complex and time-consuming to develop and deploy software changes, directly affecting staff productivity and the experience of its members. After evaluating a range of options, it chose DevOpsGroup to provide the expertise needed to deliver the standardization and automation, leading to an 85% reduction in data centre costs.

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Transformation of legacy IT to enable business responsiveness

Many of 360 Fitness First gyms are open 24/7, every day of the year. In this “always available” environment, any IT downtime causes huge problems for customers and front-line staff – with poor customer experience contributing to lost sign-ups and revenue. Faced with the considerable complexity of ensuring core platforms remained operational across the globe, and with a legacy fixed capacity data centre footprint, Ed Hutt, Chief Information Officer with Fitness First, says that he came to the conclusion that the company’s technology strategy needed a rethink. “When I originally met John Wartig the CFO, we discussed IT Transformation” says Hutt, “He said to me: ‘I need to transform IT, but I don’t know what to do; I’m a finance guy and it’s not my job.’”


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