DevOps Platform Teams

In order to compete in the todays fast-paced economy, many organisations are looking for an operating model that allows them to operate with both speed and stability.

The platform team model allows organisations to do this by focussing on:

  • Product teams not projects
  • Self-service platforms
  • Modern operations and SRE

This DevOpsGroup diagram shows how these teams work together to create an organisation capable of true innovation.

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This diagram helps create an aligned team

The DevOps Platform team model addresses many of the issues with the way that IT is traditionally organised.  It creates a model where small, cross-functional product teams are aligned to the things that customers value.  These long-lived teams typically have ‘build and run’ responsibility for their products and as such focus as much on the long-term sustainability of their product as they do shipping features.  The concept of ‘product teams’ is not restricted to customer-facing products or services. 


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