Law Firm Migration Case Study

A top 50 law firm with more than 500 employees wanted to migrate its case management system from Microsoft Team Foundation Server to Microsoft Azure DevOps. However, the process was fraught with complexity. Standard tools and methods couldn’t achieve the desired outcome and would have hindered long-term ambitions. Using open source tools to devise a tailored approach, DevOpsGroup turned this high-risk move into a high-value event, unlocking tangible business benefits.

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Complex challenges put integration and collaboration under threat

Several factors made this migration less straightforward than a standard move from TFS to Azure DevOps.

The client had completed a major acquisition of another law firm in the 12 months prior, so the move was an opportunity to integrate case work from the two businesses. However, this was complicated by the prevalence of customised project templates. Furthermore, the fact that some applications were already running on Azure DevOps precluded use of Microsoft’s standard Azure DevOps 2019 Server Upgrade Process combined with Azure DevOps Migration Tools.

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