Metrics Canvas

Help your team understand how to measure an outcome and agree on possible strategies to achieve it.

The metrics canvas is broken into 4 boxes, the aim is to complete these boxes with your team during a short (70-120 minute workshop), as a result of this you will have:

  • A shared understanding of the outcome you are working to achieve.
  • A clear understanding of how that outcome will be measured.
  • A list of possible actions that might drive the outcome.
  • A number of measures for each of the possible actions.

This can be a challenging workshop and it will benefit from a strong facilitate and good preparation.  It can be hugely beneficial for teams and works well when aligned to goal setting frameworks such as OKRs. 

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Outputs v Outcomes

Running this workshop successfully requires that you go into it with a clear outcome for your team and appreciate the difference between an outcome and an output (actions in the above model).  It is the outcomes that the business wants and needs and typically multiple outputs might align to the same outcome.  

An output is likely to focus narrowly on the things your team or organisation do an outcome will articulate the reason they are doing it.  

A simple analogy for this would be a highway agency (as aligned to our four boxes above): 

  • Outcome: improve the work-life balance of people in our district
  • Outcome proxy: reduced commuting time for residents
  • Action (output): build more motorways
  • Action proxy: number of motorway miles built, average commute duration

While this example is vastly over-simplified it shows how outputs and outcomes come together in this model. 


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