Onwards & Upwards - A DevOpsGroup Whitepaper


High Performance IT in Rapidly Scaling Businesses 

Transitioning from a start-up to a scale-up is an exciting and challenging feat. Succeeding here will set your business on the course to victory. But there are opposing forces that can stall growth. For example, how do you manage risk while retaining agility, or maintain your unique organisational culture while formalising standards and procedures?

In this white paper, we explain how leadership is paramount in scaling a business. As a business leader, you must build the right team while aligning, optimising and investing in the systems that underpin sustainable growth. Mistakes are to be expected, but you can minimise the blast radius by taking a “fail fast, fail safe” DevOps mindset.

To help facilitate informed decision making, we explore critical considerations for CTOs in a scaling business. These include the move from start-up to scale-up and critical factors to optimise sustainable growth, such as culture, repaying technical debt, operations and agility.

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