Transformational Leadership Model

Leadership is a critical part of a successful DevOps Transformation. Almost every case study presented at events like DevOps Enterprise Summit starts with a transformational leader. But what does Transformational Leadership entail?

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This model of transformational leadership has 5 dimensions

There are many different models of leadership in the management literature. The annual State of DevOps Report and the DevOps book, Accelerate promotes the mode of “Transformational Leadership” by Rafferty and Griffin.

  • Vision – “The expression of an idealized picture of the future based around organizational values.”​
  • Inspirational Communication – “The expression of positive and encouraging messages about the organization, and statements that build motivation and confidence.​
  • Supportive Leadership - “Expressing concern for followers and taking account of their individual needs.”​
  • Intellectual Stimulation – “Enhancing employees’ interest in, and awareness of problems, and increasing their ability to think about problems in new ways.”​
  • Personal Recognition – “The provision of rewards such as praise and acknowledgement of effort for achievement of specified goals.”

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