Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of Behaviour Change

When embarking on a DevOps Transformation it’s common to encounter resistance to change. The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) offers some useful guidance on how to influence people to change. ​

As someone involved in an organisational change it is important to remember throughout your organisation or team people will be in very different places with regards to how they view the change.

Our TTM diagram is a great way to illustrate the journey that people will need to go on.  It will also give you a common language to discuss where people are on this journey.

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Putting empathy at the heart of your transformation.

Change is hard and it is natural for people to be resistant to it.  The TTM model provides a framework for understanding where people are on their individual journey as your organisations transforms.  By understanding where people are on their journey we can create a more empathetic workplace and a culture where it is safe for people to accept change.

This diagram is a great resource for anyone involved in a transformation and provides a helpful reference when trying to understand why someone might not seem to be as accepting of a change as you might hope.


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