Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone, a £40Bn turnover global mobile telecommunications company is undergoing an ambitious group-wide transformation to become a purely digital organisation. Vodafone worked with DevOpsGroup to implement a Continuous Delivery pipeline, which included a collaboration platform, version control software, Agile development tools and a Virtual Private Cloud within Amazon Web Services. Development times have seen a huge improvement, with nine month cycle times cut to just one month. New environments are now built quickly and inexpensively with a 97% reduction in lead time, and the team have clear visibility and control over their individual requirements.

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The Challenge

Vodafone’s retail planning and stock control system is responsible for planning demand and supply for over 1,000 stores across the world.

The system calculates how many devices need to be procured and then sent out to each individual store.

Before the system was redesigned, it was being delivered via a traditional Waterfall approach: a list of change requirements would be bundled together in a single document and sent across to the company’s off-shore development partner to be actioned. At this stage the Applications team would lose visibility over the change requirements and had no control over the timescales or prioritisation of these actions.


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