Wealthify Case Study

Launched in 2016, Wealthify rapidly scaled from initial idea to an innovative technology business with massive ambitions. Scaling came with challenges and it's Chief Technology Officer quickly recognised that it's traditional, physical hosting infrastructure could not meet its future demands. Wealthify enlisted cloud experts DevOpsGroup to accelerate its’ journey to cloud and support its technology teams moving forward.

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Technology that got us here, won't get us there; constrained by traditional infrastructure

Wealthify had become a victim of it’s own success. Having recently secured a major new partnership with Aviva Plc, it faced the daunting challenge of ensuring its digital savings & investments platform could scale to meet new demands. With over 10,000 active customers and significant growth planned Chief Technology Officer of Wealthify, Michael Ashford recognised he could not rely on physical infrastructure to build, deploy and host new products and features. “Without having the ability to bring new services to market rapidly, Wealthify’s customers could easily resort to using competing products.”, said Ashford.


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